Thursday, August 23, 2007

Insanity Rules!

Well the craziness has begun....With the movers coming to pack us out next Thursday, our family has gone into the insanity mode! My husband decided yesterday that it was time to start clearing out the loft ( the packers will not pack the stuff up there unless it is brought down). I thought that I had at least till Friday until the madness began. :( Insert a picture of me pulling out my hair.

I was down in the garage (my studio) trying to figure out what to pack - you know the essentials - to survive a month (at least) until my goodies arrive. That is when my world exploded- I mean KABOOM! The boxes started coming down, everything, Christmas ornaments, Crafting supplies, Halloween boxes... and everything that we had crammed up there to sell the house. I wanted to cry. I finish packing the essentials - I think I got everything- and left the area.....

Those of you in Military families know just how crazy pack out time is. Moving day comes whether your ready for it or not- this time I am definitely not ready for it, First time in our 16 year career....Things just aren't going smoothly. The good news is that the house sold, the bad news is that the roof needs replacing...... So to add to the craziness of pack out, now we have a new roof to add to the stress. OK- I'm finished venting. Thank you all for letting me dump my stress on you.
Guess I should go- lots to do.... services to cancel, address changes, clothes to pack..... the list continues to grow..... maybe I can run away to The Stamping Pad and relieve some stress... keep your fingers crossed! till next time, happy stamping.

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Anonymous said...

What a great blog!! It was really awesome to meet you today at the farmer's market (I'm the tole painter)... too bad the military is dragging you away right when I moved here!!!
I will drop you an email later, but I was just checking out your blog and decided to comment~
Have fun with the move!