Friday, July 20, 2007

Ticket to Freedom

Hi all! Sorry about the delay in posting- I have this love hate relationship with technology. Good news.....I got a new camera- yea!!!! Bad news.... my computer has not been cooperating. I have been trying to upload this image since last Sunday-in fact- I got this image loaded and tried to load an image of the card all together and couldn't do it. It is probably because we are still in the dark ages of DSL, or it could just be me....go figure.
I made this card for my daughter's 18Th Birthday. She was so excited to turn 18 so we gave her a ticket to freedom. I'm not sure she thinks adulthood is all it is cracked up to be. She enjoys the freedom, but the financial responsibilities are not at all what she expected. I am so proud of her- She signed up with the Air Force on her 18Th birthday- what a way to start your adult life! You go Girl!
I have been busy down in my "new" stamping space. I have a big 6'' table and all of my supplies down in the garage- so far it is working well- the only time I have to clean up is when we show the house! This week I finished 4 scrapbook pages ( I had started them ages ago), a tag book, 4 cards and 3 sea glass sun catchers. A very productive week. Hopefully I will figure out this picture uploading problem and be able to share my creativity with you. Till then, Happy Stamping!

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