Monday, March 24, 2008

Pay it Forward Blog Goodies

Janine over at 2BKrafty started a Pay It Forward and I signed up because # 1, I love receiving mail, and #2 I love sending mail and even better, I love sending treats!!! So now it is my turn to Pay It Forward to the first three people who post a comment here!!I will send a package of goodies to the first three people and then they in turn will Pay It Forward to three more people.Have a great day everyone !!!


Rebecca said...

I love your cards! They are beautiful and fun! Looks like you have found your "crafting groove" after moving. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Rebecca Jung
Oak Harbor, WA

Aldean said...

I love to "pay it forward". And since I get a lot of freebies here at work I have lots I can share. Great blogsite by the way!!! I will have to check it out.

thestampingpad said...

am i lucky #3? i'd love to pay it foward... and sideways. Thanks Salla