Friday, June 22, 2007

To Market, To Market, to buy a Fat Pig.......

My friend Fran and I started selling at the Farmers Market about 3 years ago. We had just gotten into Stamping and wanted a break from the kids and a place to show off our creative side.
This endeavor has turned into a Co-op sort of set up. Fran and I split the booth fees, and then encourage other women to put their creative projects in the booth also. I enjoy seeing the look of amazement on their faces the first time one of their works of art sell- the "Oh my Gosh " look that says: people think my work is good! I guess it is our way of encouraging women to validate their sense of self worth.
We don't make a fortune- most of the time we just make enough to reinvest in our crafting habit- but like I said before- it is a break from the kids and a place to meet like minded folks. If your ever on the island, stop by- the Market runs Thursday afternoons 4-7 , June - Sep.
This is a picture of our set up at the Oak Harbor Farmers Market.

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