Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Special Visitors

I was able to put my space back together for The Spring Card Class yesterday. Good thing because I had a few special visitors, Shirlee and Bob Hagen, from my old stomping grounds in Oak Harbor, Washington stop in to take the class. Those of you that have following my blog- (I know, there is not many of you) might remember me mentioning Shirlee using the saying " pink and green makes me scream".

Shirlee and Bob fit right in with my new friends out here in Maryland, Tammy and Sue. I don't know what it is about stampers, but we all just kinda have an instant bond, like old friends who can just pick up where they left off. I think everybody had a good time.... we showed Shirlee some new things we had found, and Shirlee told us about some new things she had found... Oh- and by the way, those new things are now on order!

Shirlee, Tammy and Sue left my house with a box of goodies that I was de-stashing (sorry Bob and the other husbands) and I know that my old toys are in good hands and will be used.

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mom44kids said...

Looks like a great time! I love following your blog - you are so creative!! Happy memories of Oak Harbor.