Friday, June 27, 2008

Boxes, Bags, and Tags

I went and did it! Got a Accucut machine that is. The local scrapbook store was getting rid of their machine and all of the dies, the price was good, so what's a girl suppose to do? So now that I spent the money, I had to figure out ways to turn a profit. Which led to opening another store on called Boxes, Bags, and Tags. This is one of my creations so far- as Salla would like to say"Simple and Elegant", and the great thing is it can be done in any color you want!

My 3 stores on Etsy are:
Check them out and let me know what you think!


jenstamps said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love your Esty shops, you make some really cool items!

Tracey said...

What a great idea for an Esty! I mean, after you buy all those fabulous handcrafted gifts you need something fabulously handcrafted to put it in. Also a great way to "pay" for the machine, or make it pay for itself. Have a great day! ~:-)