Thursday, January 10, 2008

Altered Record Albums

Well- I am off on another crafting tangent! The house we moved into here in Maryland has boxes of old record albums. At first, I just wanted to take them to the dump, but then the crafter in me took over. What can I do with these? I had already used albums for making scrapbooks..... what else could I do with boxes of records?
I got onto and started looking- man there are some very creative people out there. Thank you! Me, I'm more of the "I see it and then I can run with it" type.
So this is one of my first bowls made with a record album. I pulled out the acrylic paints from my shoe painting days, and went to work on this album. Now that I've started this, My mind is running a million different ways on things to paint on them. I will keep everyone posted on my new endeavor

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Anonymous said...

wanna do a class? love it!!