Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Garden Silhouttes

I received my Stampin' Up order a few days ago in the mail! Thanks Becca :) I had ordered things before I left Whidbey Island and had totally forgotten what all was on the order. It was just like Christmas- the box was opened, things went flying, oohs and ahhs..... I was in stamp heaven!
So, my sister-in-law had ordered some cards.... she said cute and blank on the inside...OK so this is kind of sophisticated, but it is blank on the inside :) hope you like it Debra! The rest of them are cute...
This card was inspired by a scarf that Debra had given me a few years ago- when I unpacked it, I new I would have to make a card. The scarf was more monochromatic, but I like how the card turned out!
Time to go work on "house" things- (it's already 1:00 and if I don't do something around the house I will be soooo Busted!)

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