Friday, September 14, 2007

We made it!

Hi all, we finally made it to PAX River Maryland! We are staying in a Town Home until we can close on a house. We have put a bid in today, and are waiting for a reply.
I pulled out my stamping supplies this morning, and settled for winding the ribbon that I purchased before we left Oak Harbor. Hopefully I will put some ink to the rubber this weekend and get creative. I have also checked out the creative atmosphere here.... the bad news is that there is not a stamp store :( - but there is a Michael's and they are looking for teachers.... so there is hope of addicting a whole new community to Rubber Stamping!
I have computer access on base, so I can read my email, but oddly enough, I can not send emails out.... mmmm... got to love military security! Good news is that I can do blog entries- Bad news is I can not upload pictures.....hopefully the bid works out on the house and we can be in it by mid October. We are using Hannah's old cell phone- so if you know the number, you can call- if not- I will call soon and then spread the number that a way! hee hee hee- guess the first one to pick up the phone is the lucky one who gets to spread the number.

Until I make a trip on base, happy stamping

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mom44kids said...

Glad to hear you made it. I sure miss going to the stamping pad to see you and Salla! There is nothing like that here in Juneau! Hope you get a house soon and can get settled!
Happy crafting!